(An 11 Page Preview)

Tell Me

Chapter 1

Madison Mhare stepped out of the shower and grabbed the pink towel on the towel rack. She wrapped the fluffy towel around her dripping wet body and dried herself off. The steam fogged up the mirror and she wiped it off with a corner of her towel. She looked at her reflection. It was only a few years ago she had a goatee and mustache. How things had changed for her. She no longer had to be a woman trapped in a man’s body.  What a relief! She thought smiling at herself in the mirror. The electrolysis she took made her hair on her face, neck, chest and genitalia all gone.  It had been a few years since she had seen the hair. She dried off her bottom half and looked at her penis. That was the last thing she had to remove. She didn’t mind it but would feel more comfortable and able to wear the things that she couldn’t like bathing suits and tight jeans when she had the female equivalent. Her wife Breanna liked it but she also was aware that it won’t be around forever.  Madison opened the window in the bathroom to vent out some of the steam since she couldn’t open the bathroom door. They had housekeepers around to be aware of. She took the long brown skirt from the back of the door and slipped it on. Now if only she could get some hips. She thought she had a boys figure still and it was frustrating. She had been considering silicone injections to make her hips look more female.  Breanna kept on telling her to be more accepting of herself and to be thankful for what she has. Her face looked feminine at least. Her cheekbones had filled out and her skin had gotten softer as well. So she should feel better about herself but then she had her arms. They looked too masculine to her, but Breanna liked it, “You’re my athletic lady.” She would say to her. Breanna was great to her, she loved her so much.  Madison put on a tight brown shirt her mother gave to her and a few silver bangles. By this time the steam had left the bathroom and she could do her makeup. She opened her makeup kit on the counter and took out her foundation and eye shadow.  She put on a little liquid foundation and then her blue eye shadow. She painted on her liquid eyeliner and followed that with her lengthening mascara. Looking at her eyebrow ring in the mirror she smiled and thought she looked pretty. Madison then plugged in the blow dryer and dried her long black hair. It took some time but when she was done she straightened it. Finishing off she spritzed some vanilla perfume on her and walked out of the bathroom. She smelt the air, it smelled like mortals. 

                “How was your shower Madison?” Alscott her cousin asked her just outside of the bathroom door.

                Madison smiled at Alscott and tugged her ear. She felt her diamond stud on her fingers, “It was good, nice and relaxing. How are the motorcycles?” She asked as they walked down the spiral staircase down the hall to the kitchen.

Alscott wiped his hands on his coveralls, “Oh alright, dirty, hot.” He said looking at his hands. They were still dirty. He could never seem to get them clean.

                “How hot is it out there today?” She asked opening the fridge taking out the Dr Pepper and pouring a glass.


                “It’s about 30 right now. It’s a good thing I can come in here to cool off,” Alscott said grabbing a beer from the fridge and opening it. He wiped the back of his arm over his sweaty forehead.

                Madison noticed his tattoo of a black dove carrying a scroll in its beak. It was so detailed, it looked great she thought. “That’s pretty hot out there!  Good thing for air conditioning.” She drank her Dr Pepper still smelling mortals. She sighed, “I’m thirsty.”

.“Why don’t you visit Breanna at the homeless shelter downtown? I’m sure there are some poor souls with blood for you there. Well I am tuning several bikes right now, I should get back, and this beer should help cool me down out there!” Alscott said tightening the elastic his long black hair was in then walked out through the patio door.

                Madison grabbed her purse on a kitchen table chair and followed Alscott outside and asked, “Are you going to meet me down there in a bit?”

                “Yes I will be going downtown for a feed later tonight. I have a Fat boy and a Yamaha I’m working on at the moment.” Alscott said sitting at his bench in the shop in front of the Fat boy.

                “Oh okay, I’ll see you soon then.” Madison said as she walked to her car that was parked beside Alscott’s shop.  She took out the keys to her Bentley from her Coach purse and opened the front door. She turned up the volume to her rock CD and took off downtown.  It was a short drive to the homeless shelter and she parked across the street at the coffee shop. Madison locked the doors and grabbed her purse and walked across the street to the big building that housed 101 homeless people during winter months and 67 beds the rest of the year. She could smell mortal blood and it was intangible. She walked through the doors and could feel eyes on her or more likely on her coach bag. She looked at a few women who scowled at her and she made her way through to the soup kitchen where Breanna worked. It was a full house. There was a giant line up and lots of people sitting down and eating. Most people’s clothes looked dirty as did their faces and their hair looked greasy and unkempt.  Madison saw Breanna behind the counter serving soup in Styrofoam bowls to people. She caught her eye. She mouthed the words ‘Just a second’ to her.  Madison however couldn’t wait a second and she went out to the hall where the bathrooms were and waited by the door. Luckily someone was in there she could get them on the way out. She made sure no one was in the hall and then she knocked on the door.

                “I’m in here can you just hold on!” A woman called out.

                “It’s an emergency come out as quickly as you can!” Madison called back

                She waited and then the door opened. A woman who looked to be about 30 stood there frowning at her, “What’s the emergency are you alright?”

                “I Am now.” Madison said grabbing her by the arm and dragged her into the bathroom.

                “What are you doing?!” The woman exclaimed trying to break free of Madison’s grip.

                “Just hold on here, this will only take a minute, you won’t feel a thing…” Madison said holding her now by the shoulders. She placed her lips on her neck and started to slowly bite into the woman’s neck, tasting her sweet coppery blood. The woman had passed out. Perfect, Madison thought. She could drink as much as she wanted to now. But she didn’t want to kill the woman. So Madison drank enough that she could still survive after. Then she had to move the body outside without anyone noticing. So she opened the bathroom door and looked to see if anyone was in the hall. They weren’t. She picked up the woman and carried her to the back door and out the side of the shelter. She sat her in a plastic chair that was outside by a patio table. How quaint, she thought. The woman would come to and wonder what happened. Luckily for her the teeth marks would have healed by then and she would have not thought a thing of it. Wiping her mouth with a tissue she had in her purse Madison discarded it in some bushes and went back inside. She felt rejuvenated and not thirsty any longer. She waited for Breanna to come over to her in the cafeteria. She sat beside an old man who was sharing his soup and sandwich with his dog.  Mortals always are caring for their animals. She just didn’t get it. Why love something that was so dependent upon you for everything. More like a burden to her.

                “Hey where did you disappear to a minute ago? I saw you leave into the hall.” Breanna said sitting beside Madison.

                “I was hungry.” Madison said smiling kissing her on the lips.

                “Oh is that why you came? I’m disappointed I thought you wanted to see me.” She said pulling on her ponytail through her hairnet.

                “Well yes, I wanted to see you as well.” Madison said looking deep into her blue eyes.

                “Stop that I feel like you can read my thoughts!” Breanna said blushing.

                Madison chuckled at her. She was still a new vampire, still feeling out her extra senses, still unable to do so many of the things she could do. Like walking so fast no one can see you, or smelling mortal blood miles away. She would be able to do these things soon enough with practice and just living the immortal lifestyle. Madison turned her just after they got married last year and moved into a new city. They had to move because after their reception people were curious how come so many guests got ill. They all thought they poisoned the food some thought by mistake, others thought it was on purpose. Honestly Madison and Alscott had fed off of almost all of the mortal guests and if not them their family had. Rumors had got so bad that they had to move. No one pressed charges on them out of fear. Their whole city was scared of their families. It was rumored that if you made the Mhare or Kolte family angry you would either feel sick after seeing them or sometimes you would never to be seen again. Nevertheless they wanted a clean start. So they moved away from their families Breannas included and moved to the next town over. Dremort was the name of the city. It was a quieter city than the one they previously lived in. They were a short drive from downtown and still had a nice property with a guest cottage where the help lived.


                “Madison are you even listening to me?” Breanna asked her putting her cold hand on her leg.

                “Yes Breanna I am. How has your shift been so far?” Madison asked.

                “Good, let’s go for a walk, it’s my break and I want a smoke.” She said standing and they walked out the doors to the hall and outside the front doors.

                Madison looked at her wife. She was tall like her, had beautiful long brown thick hair, and piercing blue eyes. Her heart was soft even though she put on a tough front. That was something she would lose as she got used to the vampire lifestyle. Your heart hardens after awhile. After seeing so much blood, killing so many soulful mortals, leaving their families heartbroken and upset, you get used to it after awhile. You realize you are an immortal demon, who lives on the blood of others. Right now she was only drinking what Madison found for her. Or rather who Madison found for her to victimize, “Are you hungry my love?” She asked Breanna.

                “I know what you are talking about Madison. Yes I am, I have been hungry all night, and seeing all of these people who I know have so much to offer its making me go mad on the inside. I am smiling on the outside, but so thirsty.” She complained taking a drag of her cigarette.

                “Is that why you wanted to go for a walk?” Madison asked.

                “Yes exactly, and I needed to fix my nic fit.” She chuckled.

                “Okay then let’s go to the coffee shop.” Madison suggested.

                “Or by the coffee shop at least.” Breanna said crossing the street with her.

                “Look over there.” Madison pointed to a couple getting out of their car just down the street from the coffee shop.

                “You lead the way Madison.” Breanna said as Madison moved quickly to the couple and started a conversation with them. Breanna only wished she could move that fast.

                “Oh and here she is now, my wife. See our car broke down and we need a jump, do you think you could help us?” Madison asked and winked at Breanna.

                Breanna grabbed the woman’s arms and bit her neck quickly. The man’s face went white and Madison bit into his neck before he could protest. Then after feeding they put the couple back into their vehicle and walked back to the shelter. Breanna kissed Madison on the lips, “Are you going home now?”

                “Soon I will go home yes. I was going to meet Alscott here. Then we will go home.” Madison replied holding her hands for a moment then let go.

                “Okay be careful.” Breanna said and walked back inside.

                Madison crossed the street again and entered the coffee shop. She took a seat after ordering a black coffee. She held the cup in her cold hands and stared out the window to the street. She looked at a magazine that was on the table. It was an entertainment magazine. She started to read a blip about the Dremort music scene when Alscott entered the shop. Everyone grew quiet and stared at him. His presence was intimidating with his leather jacket, long black hair braided in the back, and his energy was very intense. He ordered a coffee and sat beside Madison. He smiled at her, “Did you eat?”

                “I drank yes, I am no longer thirsty, accept well for this coffee. I could drink it all day.” She laughed.

                “That’s good, how is Breanna? Did you help her out again tonight?”He continued to question her.

                “Yes I did, she will get the hang of it eventually.”Madison said taking a sip of her black coffee.

                “Yes she will. This is her first year. So I felt everyone’s eyes on me when I entered this place, did that happen to you too?” Alscott asked looking around at people who were back to their drinks, biscotti, and discussions.

                “I didn’t notice it but I am on a blood high right now.” Madison replied grinning.

                “How many times did you feed?” Alscott asked drinking his coffee and flipping through the magazine on the table.

                “Twice, I drank from two people tonight. I couldn’t wait for Breanna to go on break when I got here so I met a lady who was in the bathroom, and then I met a couple for us to feed on when Breanna got to her break.” Madison said quietly.

                “Wow lucky you, I have only just got here. I have to catch up.” Alscott said shaking his head.

                “I’ll go with you after my coffee.”Madison replied watching the cars drive by.

                “That sounds good to me.” Alscott agreed drinking more of his coffee.

                They sat in silence watching the mortals walk around outside laughing, talking so happy to be alive. It was almost time for Alscott to feed. He felt weak, hot and tired. It had been almost a full day without feeding. He had so much work to do at home that he lost track of time. He put down his coffee mug, “I am finished let’s go find some mortals.” He said standing up pulling down his jacket.

                Madison rose as well and saw some heads turn as they left the coffee shop. They took a walk down the street past the coffee shop and went down to the pier where there were lots of couples walking hand in hand. They waited for them to come off of the pier to the parkade. First victim a middle aged woman who was walking briskly towards her car. Alscott grabbed her by the waist and bit her shoulder. She screamed but luckily no one else was in the parkade at that moment to hear her. Then she passed out in his arms as he drank until she was dead. He had no problem taking mortals lives. They wasted their lives anyways. They weren’t concerned about the environment they were consumers, they bought junk they didn’t need, littered, wasted their money on things like coffee, dining out at fancy restaurants, and forms of entertainment. Very few of them continued on after high school to get an education, and they just multiplied like rabbits. Disgusting mortals, he despised most of them, “Quickly let’s get out of here. I killed her.” Alscott said licking the blood from the corners of his mouth. So tasty!

                “Yes, let’s go, do you feel better now?” She asked him.

                “I feel alive again yes. Now hurry, let’s move fast.” Alscott said and they moved like lightning out of the parkade to the parking lot at the coffee shop. Alscott hopped on his Dyna Wide Glide Harley motorcycle and started it. It purred like a tiger.

                “I’ll see you at home.” Madison said curling her hair behind her ears. She unlocked the door to her Bentley and got in.

                Alscott waved and rode off. That was a great feeding!

Chapter 2

                Breanna came home after a long night of serving customers at the soup kitchen. She got out of her Lexus and locked the door. She walked up the steps to the front door of their home and opened the door. They never locked the door in hopes of a robbery or neighbor would stop by and they could feed off of them unexpectedly. She was greeted by their chubby short housekeeper, “Oh hello Mrs. Hurre. How are you doing this evening?” Breanna asked taking off her coat and giving it to her to hang up.

                “Quiet my lady; it’s always so quiet at this hour of the night. It’s about midnight.” She informed her.

                “Right I had a long night of working at the homeless shelter.” Breanna shortly said and walked into the kitchen.

                “Would you like me to make you something to eat?” Mrs. Hurre asked.

                “No thank you I can fix it myself. I’m just going to have some yogurt before retiring.” Breanna said snapping annoyed that she was pestering her. She smelt something different about Mrs. Hurre. Something coppery, maybe that was what Madison meant by smelling mortal blood. She took out a glass bowl and emptied some strawberry yogurt into it. Breanna grabbed a spoon from the drawer beside the giant fridge. She was hungry, for food she thought, but maybe it was blood. She couldn’t tell the difference yet.

                “Okay goodnight madam.” Mrs. Hurre said smiling at her nervously.

                “Goodnight Mrs. Hurre.” Breanna said eating her yogurt at the kitchen island. Mrs. Hurre seemed nervous tonight. She could tell in her voice. There was no way she could know they were vampires. They only did their feeding outside of the home not to arouse any suspicion.  Maybe it was her energy. Alscott told her when you have the power mortals sense it. They know it’s more than confidence you possess. Perhaps he was right. He was 109 vampire years anyways, he had some experience she could definitely learn from. Madison was the same age. She met them at a party when she was just 20 years old. She was invited to the party from a friend she knew from the senior’s center she used to work at in her hometown. The party had lots of older people there and she felt at ease. Older people made her feel more comfortable, more at ease. She felt they were non judgmental in comparison to the people her age she knew. Breanna was bi polar, and lots of people didn’t have patience for her before she was diagnosed. She had excessive highs and depressing lows. It was too much for people with a short attention span to endure. So she found herself hanging out with the nurses that were several years older than her, and they suggested she go to a physiatrist who diagnosed her with bi polar. She thought she was just depressed, but it was in fact one of the symptoms among many others that determined it. Once she was on medication she felt less anxious and hyper all of the time. In fact she wasn’t half as bubbly as she used to be on the medication, but that was alright for her, after all vampires aren’t bubbly and happy, they are serious and more realistic, not to forget evil. Alscott had no problem reminding her they are demons, and to be less caring for mortals, for they are flighty and disgusting. He didn’t agree with what most of them did for work, such as working at a minimum paying job just to pay the rent. He thought everyone out of high school should have a career, go to college or university, and to give back to the environment. Madison however hated even animals and couldn’t ever let her have pets for she just didn’t understand how one can love such dumb and helpless things. She finished her yogurt and plugged in the kettle for a cup of herbal tea.

                “You came home finally.” Madison said sneaking up behind her and putting her arms around her waist. She kissed her ear, her neck, and rubbed her shoulders.

                “Oh that’s nice Madison. Yes I came home, it was a long shift. At least it felt like it I only worked from 4 to midnight.” Breanna said.

                “Did you take your pills at work?” Madison asked talking about her medication.

                “Yes I did, just after I got back from my break with you.” She said and took out a lemon from the fridge, and put it beside the sugar bowl on the counter. She cut it in half and cut a slice.

                “That’s good.” She told her pulling up a stool at the kitchen island.

                “You are still up?” Breanna asked Madison taking out a spoon from the drawer to stir her tea.

                “I am still up. I guess that’s what coffee at 9 o’clock does. There is so much caffeine in that stuff.” She said yawning.

                “So you know when you told me about how you can smell mortals blood miles away?” Breanna asked staring at the water boiling in the kettle.

                “Yes?” She asked resting her head on her hand.

                “I smelt Mrs. Hurres blood tonight I think.” Breanna said turning around.

                “Wow I’m impressed; it’s taken you a year to be able to do that.” Madison replied astonished.

                Breanna nodded and let down her hair from her ponytail, “So I was also hungry when I came home. Does that mean that I need blood or something?”

                “Well an easy way to find that out is did you eat today?” Madison asked.

                “I had a sandwich at work tonight. But I didn’t smell blood until I saw Mrs. Hurre tonight. I noticed earlier as well I smelt a difference of the mortals at work. They smelled coppery, almost sweet.” Breanna said turning around again to get the boiled water and poured herself a cup of tea in a china teacup with dark red swirls all over it.

                “Then you are probably really thirsty for blood. You did eat with me on one of your breaks though, maybe it wasn’t enough.” Madison said sounding worried.

                “I am fine I don’t feel sick or anything.” Breanna said shrugging then felt incredibly dizzy. She put her teacup down on the kitchen island and propped herself up onto a stool across from Madison.

                “Are you sure about that Breanna? You look pale.” Madison frowned concerned.

                “I suddenly feel dizzy; I guess this is the blood withdrawal.” She said sighing putting her hand on her forehead.

                “Oh great, we have to hit something that’s open. It’s already midnight.” Madison said sounding a little angry.

                “I’m sorry Madison; I didn’t realize I was hungry for blood.” She apologized to Madison breathing long slow breaths.

                Madison nodded, “We have to go to a bar, right now. It’s okay, don’t worry about it you are still learning .Besides I’m up, I just wanted to relax is all.” She got up her bells on her skirt tie jingled.

                “I can’t move right now, I feel sick.” Breanna complained having a sip of her tea. She burnt her tongue.

                “You have to, come on now.”Madison urged her and rubbed her back.

                Breanna groaned and slid off of her stool. Madison caught her before she fell, “Oh, thanks.” She said standing up properly.

                “Quickly now, let’s go.” Madison said letting her get her balance back.

                Breanna nodded and walked into the entrance way where Mrs. Hurre stood, “My coat.” Breanna ordered her as she slipped on her heels.

                Mrs. Hurre got Breanna her coat and Madison hers as well, “There you are Madam.” She said putting it on for her. Then she put on Madison’s.

                “Thank you.” The ladies said in unison and walked out the door.

                “We’ll take my Bentley.” Madison said unlocking the doors.

                Breanna slipped into the passenger side and buckled up. She rested her elbow on the window ledge.

                “Hang in there Breanna we’ll be there in a few minutes.” Madison said to her noticing she was trying to prop herself up on the side of the window ledge.

                “Okay, I just feel so tired, so drained, so sick.” She complained finding a radio station to listen to.

                They arrived at a pub not ten minutes later and parked around the back. They waited for someone to come out. A young guy who looked about 20 came out to his car staggering a little, most likely was pissed drunk. He fumbled to get the right key in his Honda.

                Madison walked over to him nonchalantly and put her hand on his shoulder from behind, “Hey, how’s it going?” She asked him and before the guy had a chance to turn around Madison pushed his head to the right and bit him.

                Breanna walked over to Madison and started to drink the guy’s blood. She devoured him, leaving him lifeless in Madison’s arms. She let him drop to the ground and they hurried into Madison’s Bentley once more. They rushed out of the parking lot and drove towards the homeless shelter. Breanna reached into the glove compartment for some napkins for her mouth. It was dripping blood from the sides, “Wow I feel it now, I feel so much better, it’s so different drinking when you are thirsty in compared to drinking just because it’s offered to you.”She said.

                “I’m happy you feel better my love.” She said to Breanna turning up the rock music.

                Breanna fished in her Guess purse for her smokes and found them. She lit one and rolled down the window.

                “Let me have a drag of that.” Madison said taking the smoke out of her hand.

                Breanna smiled at her, “I love you Madison.” She said, “You always take good care of me.”

                “Well you are my wife; I’d do anything for you.” Madison said taking a drag.

                “That’s good to know, the feeling is mutual.” She said taking her smoke back after Madison ashed it out the sun roof.

                “Want to take a walk down the pier?” Madison asked parking by the promenade.

                “Yes I would like that.” Breanna said and hopped out of the car feeling energetic.

                Madison got out and locked the doors. They walked down the pier holding hands and received a few sneers from people. Madison shot a glare at a couple who was chuckling at them, “You’re lucky I don’t bite your neck and kill you.” She mumbled under her breath.  She stared them down and they looked away.

                Breanna let go of her hand, “We are getting looks again. I hate that.” She said sighing.

                “This is another reason why I hate mortals.” Madison said shaking her head.

                They walked down the pier and looked out to the ocean at the lookout point. The ocean was crashing in onto the rocks in front of the pier. It was magnificent. The sound of the waves crashing down was awesome and the air smelled salty and crisp. There was a cool brisk wind as well. It crept into Breannas bones leaving her cold underneath her leather jacket. She shoved her hands into her pockets and turned back. They walked back down the pier watching several seagulls catch a ride with the wind under their wings. Madison smiled at her and unlocked the doors to her Bentley. They got in and sped all the way home. The car got up to 120 then they heard police sirens and pulled over as the cops pulled them over. They were just a block away from home. They got a speeding ticket and then Madison bit the police woman’s arm. She tried to fight but Breanna grabbed her other arm and big her wrist and they fed off of her until she was dry, “That was a good snack.” Madison said as they drove back home.

                “I cannot believe I killed two mortals tonight.” Breanna said getting out of the car and walked up the steps to their front door.

                Madison walked inside and turned on a light. Mrs. Hurre had retired for the evening so they had to hang up their coats on their own. They walked up the spiral staircase and down past the bathroom to their master bedroom, “Are you okay with that yet?” She asked Breanna.

                “Well,” She said taking off her pink tank top and camouflage pants, “It’s not something I would do if I was a mortal. I guess it takes some getting used to.” She said and put on a silk baby doll from her closet.

                Madison slipped out of her brown skirt and brown shirt and put on her velvet pink nighty, “It is, this is your first time killing, all other times I let my mortals go. Don’t worry you feel good about it after time.”

                “Good? About killing someone?” Breanna asked in awe.

                “Well you are relieving them from their sorry stupid life. So yes, you feel good about it after awhile.” Madison said plainly slipping into their king-sized canopy covered bed.

                Breanna nodded slowly and looked at herself in the mirror above their dresser. She looked flushed. She took a brush from the dresser and brushed her long brown hair 100 times before slipping into bed herself.


Chapter 3

                Alscott called up his clients from his cell phone. He sat at his bench in his shop. Aerosmith blasted out of the stereo he turned it down, “Mr. Malto your Fat boy is ready to be picked up today…yes man it’s all done…you’re welcome, anytime, take care.” He said to Mr. Malto on the phone.  He looked at the next number on his notepad. Ms. Luu had the Yamaha, “Your bike is ready to be picked up Ms. Luu. Yes I will be here at 5 come by then that’s fine. You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure, and have a nice day, bye.” He said on the phone to Ms. Luu. And now to he had to wait for them to come by the shop. He thought to himself turning back up the volume of the stereo, what was there to do now? He looked through the rolodex beside the stereo on the table behind him. It was his equivalent to a little black book. Let’s start with ‘A’ he thought to himself. Alana, Amber, Amy, Annette. He stopped at Annette and smiled.  She was tall had long red curly hair, green eyes, freckles and a slender hourglass figure. She laughed at his jokes, was quiet most of the time and had good taste in motorcycles. She owned a Dyna just like he did and they spent a lot of time riding together. Perfect, he thought and dialed her number, “Annette? Its Alscott, how have you been?” He asked tapping a pen around on his table.

                “Good thanks I have some time off work right now.” Annette said in her raspy sexy voice.

                “Want to go for a ride today?” He asked her.

                “Sure that sounds good when were you thinking?”

                “What about now?” He laughed.

                “Okay I can meet you at your place in a half hour. So let’s say eleven thirty.” She suggested.

                “Awesome, see you then.” He said and hung up the phone and locked up the shop. He walked inside the house through the patio door and walked through the kitchen to see Madison making a salad.

                “Hey cous how’s it going?” She asked him cutting up a tomato.

                “Great, I’m expecting a few clients to come and get their bikes today, but I’m going out on a ride with Annette first.” He said with a huge grin across his face.

                “Oh you’re going to see Annette, congratulations to you. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard for a few months. Are you going to see her in Dremort or Alpoint?” Madison asked putting the tomato into the salad bowl and grabbed a cucumber.

                “She’s coming here to meet up with me and we will probably ride around here. You know how I feel about Alpoint.” Alscott said getting a beer from the fridge.

                “They sure like us there.” Madison replied sarcastically.

                “I’d rather forget about that city thank you.” Alscott said drinking his beer. He pulled up a stool at the kitchen island and put his beer down. He looked at his hands. They were still dirty. They never got clean.

                “You’re drinking a beer? Don’t you have to get ready for Annette?” She asked cutting up the cucumber and putting it in the bowl.

                “I have half an hour. I’m just going to have a quick shower and shave.” He replied drinking more of his beer and clearing his throat.