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  Andy Lei :

Written By: Kimberly McCullough


 Chapter One 


Andy wiped the sweat from her eyebrow, as it almost dropped on Benjamin’s forehead, “You like that sweet heart?” She asked, thrusting her pelvic muscles down on his lower body. Feeling him throb inside her Andy let out a slight moan.


“Baby, that’s the best … when you are on top…” Benjamin coaxed her… gently rubbing her naked back, feeling her arch it and relax … warm juices of her beautiful insides come to flow around him and he pushed up inside her to feel better.



“Ben-jam-min!” She exclaimed as Andy found her orgasm complete bliss.


It was magic. Grabbing some tissues from the night table beside him, he gave a handful to Andy. Her long straight blonde hair was tousled and she blushed as she wiped herself off. “I think that was well done…” He chucked and put his large hand down her front side. Massaging her small breasts Ben grinned as her nipples hardened, “You want more?” He stopped and half-heartedly pulled his dick, “If you give me a minute you know… I could make you orgasm like that again.”


“I like it when you caress my body… you’re so strong but you touch me so gently. Tell me you love me, Benjamin?” Andy asked in a sugary sweet tone. She turned her head and opened her orange contacted eyes. Trying to read his mind she stopped as he replied.


“I love you Andy. You are beautiful to me…” He kissed her soft lips slowly and pulled back, “Is that good?”


Andy giggled and wrapped her slender arms around his neck in contentment, “Of course it is… sexy guy…” She tousled his shaggy brown blonde hair.



They jumped as the phone rang on Benjamin’s nightstand. He chuckled and answered it leaning over coyly, “ Who’s there?” Ben demanded.


“We’ve found Dewald B man…the rat’s right here locked down to a chair. What’s the plan with him?” Pausing, the sound of spit landing on someone rang clear in Benjamin’s ear.


“Wait for me, I’m comin’ down there. Let me handle it okay?” Benjamin grinned and nodded at Andy to get her clothes on.


“Okay, Benjamin come and meet us at the Mill around the back.” The guy on the other end of the phone replied hastily.


“Good work Ignatius…” Benjamin congratulated his co-worker and hung up the phone. He quickly got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom for a quick shower.




Andy made the bed and opened his dresser by the bathroom door, “What do you want to wear?” She called as her eyes caught something in the back of his underwear drawer. It looked like a sewing pin or something else, with a sharp point.


“That was Ignatius; they got our guy hon… I have to hurt someone; I don’t care what I wear.” He said in a rushed tone.


She nodded slowly as he continued in the shower, listening to sounds of water hitting the tub. Her eyes wouldn’t ignore the shiny prick of the pinpoint, “Curiosity did kill the cat Andy,” she whispered as her shaky hand pulled back his boxers away from the corner of the drawer. A needle.


Benjamin let out a grunt as he got out of the shower. He looked around for a towel. Putting his long arms around himself his teeth began to chatter, “Andy!” He called.


Andy jumped and dropped the small pile of boxer shorts, she was holding, “Uh… yes?” She began to pick them up and shove them back before he came out.


“Get me a towel please…” He ordered.


She opened the second drawer in his dresser and picked out a nice fluffy white towel. Andy frowned, “Sweetheart, why does this towel smell of opium?”


“Incense owls... Heh. I guess it’s from the time I was mediating…. I should do that again. Kills stress you know?” Benjamin answered taking the towel from her hands. He noticed her concerned face, “What is wrong my angel?”


“Nothing… just thinking about what’s up is all.” She replied remembering seeing the needle in the back of his drawer. Heroin, Cocaine… he was addicted to one of them. Andy sighed.




Benjamin reached out to touch her cheek and she jumped away at first. Then she stood tensely. Looking into his brown eyes for an answer he could not tell, “ What is up my dear is that we just found the thief who stole the money I worked hard to earn. Now I have to ask him why he stole it to begin with. Perhaps kill him if I don’t like the answer.” He put on a pair of boxers she held in her now shaky hand. Actually she held about 3 pairs. His eyebrows formed a quizzical expression.


“ I didn’t know what ones you wanted to wear.” She explained carefully.


“ I see… where’s the rest of my outfit dear?” Benjamin asked sounding a bit short of a burning fuse.


Andy cleared her throat for a frog that had found a way of stealing her vocal chords, “ On it’s way soon enough…” She said lowly and went to pick out a shirt as he grabbed her wrist, when she turned away.


“ Tell me what you found Andy.” He asked in a low demanding tone.


Her eyes lit up in fear and she looked into his fiery eyes, “ What do you mean?”


“ My boxer shorts drawer. Did you see….” He let go and put his hands to his head, “ What am I doing?!” He cried out, “ Shit!” he cursed.


Andy hugged him, “ It’s okay…”


Benjamin took a deep breath in and out, “ I didn’t mean to treat you like that.”


“ I know.”


“ No, it’s not okay and you shouldn’t have to put up with it. I let you get me my clothes before. I can’t expect you to know where I put other things. Sorry baby. I love you.” Benjamin let out and gave her a kiss at the top of her head.


Andy started to cry, “ I love you too Ben.”


“ Don’t cry … God I feel low… I just need to take care of some things right now. It will get better. I promise okay?” he stroked her head.


She wiped her eyes and nodded, “ Okay.”


Benjamin slammed the door of his black Viper, “Ignatius!” He hollered adjusting the neck of his black leather trench coat. He scanned the area quickly looking around for rats and other stereotypes to avoid.  Then Ignatius walked out of the backdoor to the Mill. 


“ Benjamin, there was a change in plans… come quickly…there’s someone you should talk to.” Ignatius replied looking pale and had a black eye. He looked shocked and limped his left leg as they walked into the Mill Arcade restaurant.


  Dewald was slouched; his head down, tied up with thick Tow Truck chains. There was blood all over his blue jean jacket and washed out blue jeans. A bullet wound was visible in his right shoulder. His leather booted feet were crookedly placed.


“ He must have put up quite the fight to kill him eh?” Benjamin asked Ignatius straight into his dark blue eyes. Then he drew his attention to the rest of his friends that circled the chair Dewald sad dead in. They all were shocked including Ignatius, “ You didn’t kill him did you Ignatius?” He sighed and shook his head slowly, bringing his hand to his stubbly chin.


Ignatius took a cigarette out of his black leather jacket pocket, “ No, I didn’t. We weren’t expecting him to kill him. I mean Dewald was getting mouthy on that chair. One of us was bound to snap Benjamin.”


“ I did it…” Said Christoph stepping out of the circle of them around the dead mans chair. He had spiky dyed blonde hair and wore thick, black-rimmed, purple tinted glasses. He had a sneer on his thin, long face and opened his black trench coat to reveal his small handgun held up by his belt, “ Fucker pissed me off Ben. I had to do some problem solving.” He spat on the back of Dewald’s bowed head.



 Benjamin frowned and drew his own gun smoothly from his belt. He held it in his strong large hands and felt a deep feeling of sorrow for losing a friendship he once shared with Dewald, and overpowering envy of Christoph. He had the gall to kill one of his friends to keep the bond of his other 4 brothers, “ Christoph… did you get the money back?” He asked putting aside his animosity and other feelings for the time being.


“ Yeah I did… Ignatius has it.” Christoph nodded to Benjamin.


Ignatius limped over to the lunch table a couple of feet away from the chair Dewald sat in. He picked up a flat brown briefcase and brought it back to Benjamin, “ Here it is, all $5000.”


“ Why are you limping Ignatius?” Benjamin asked as he opened the briefcase grinning ear to ear at the money.


Ignatius opened his mouth as Christoph shot a glare in his direction, “ I was in the way of fire.” He lamely replied and looked to Kuhnrat for backup. The last thing anyone wanted was to be misunderstood by was Christoph or Benjamin. They were the killing kind who wouldn’t blink to pull the trigger even if it was their own brother. He knew this because he would have killed Dewald himself if Christoph hadn’t.


“…In the way of fire…that makes sense…you are saying that Christoph the only other guy who owns a gun here…accidentally shot you?” Benjamin inquired looking at the others who hadn’t spoken yet, “ Witnesses?”



Nathanael laughed, “ Alright now Ben, you are starting to sound like a detective or something. What’s your trip?” He folded his tattooed muscular arms over his chest, “Everything is cool man, you got your cash… we did your job for you.”


“ Where’s our cut anyways?” Kuhnrat asked running his hands through his shaggy blonde hair. His eyes looked like a gray blue sky, soulful honest eyes that Benjamin had never witnessed before in his life.


“ Your money my friends? Right here. Evenly cut between us 5.” He smiled at them all. Greedy minds but intelligent as well. Benjamin knew he missed something by being with Andy and not being at the Mill earlier. A co-worker shot Ignatius! Not very professional of them at all, “ We can’t go around shooting the guys on our side. We are brothers now. Just us 5, and it is going to be better without a thief, but remember whose side you are on. Next time somebody gets shot on our team, by another teammate, there will be me to answer to. Alright?” Benjamin ordered as he divided and gave the money to the men.


“ Yeah… I guess you had to be here to understand it all Benjamin. You were with her weren’t you?” Kuhnrat asked slyly flipping his wad of cash back and forth. He listened to the bills land on each other, like an eagle spreading its wings.




“ Some things are better left not talked about I agree.” Benjamin put back his gun as the others watched him, on their guard. He made a disgusted look in realization of Dewald. He was still on the chair… his old dead friend. Who stole all of their money from the group? Dewald knew the consequences, but still reckless and willing to sacrifice all he had for the money. He would have taken off if they hadn’t caught him, “ Who found him anyways?” 


Kuhnrat put his money in his bag by the door Benjamin entered in from, “ We all did actually…at the same time. Coming out of the bar across town and Dewald was getting into his car in the parkin’ lot…” His voice sounded muffled as he zipped up his black duffel bag.


“ Shieeeeet it was a rush. I came up to him and asked where the money was,” Christoph grinned and nodded to Ignatius, “ Dewald said it was at work in the till. He was a bit sarcastic…”


“He always was really…” Ignatius interrupted and sneered his lip.


“ … And I slammed his head into the glove box. I asked him again. Blood was dripping from his forehead as he told us it was in a briefcase at the Mill Arcade where he worked,” He took one of Ignatius’s cigarettes as he saw a tinge of pain in Benjamin’s eyes, “ You alright Ben?” Christoph asked surprised how upset he seemed to be.


Benjamin put aside his feelings once more and nodded, “ Just fine Christoph.”


“ Anyways he is dead,” Nathanael summed up and scratched one of his Celtic chained ringed tattoos on his arm. He put his money in his large suede jacket pockets, “ Lets go home.” He added with a tinge of excitement to his tone.


Christoph laughed, “ Gonna go out tonight aye?”


“ Nah, I don’t think so…got some shit to do,” Benjamin replied closing the briefcase, “ Listen you guys better move that body.”


Ignatius left with Kuhnrat in his black Dodge truck, and Christoph moved the body of Dewald into a black leather duffel bag. Nathanael helped without saying a word. They felt Benjamin’s eyes watching them in subdued guilt and sadness. Christoph had brought a duffel bag with them on their way to the Mill earlier on that day. They had hid it in the staff bathroom. Plan B was that if Benjamin weren’t there when they caught Dewald, Christoph would kill him before Benjamin saw him ever again. Dewald had slept with Andy, and only Christoph had known. He had walked in on the act itself when he dropped off something for Benjamin one Saturday. He saw Dewalds car parked in their driveway. He didn’t think anything of it until he saw that Bens car wasn’t there. It seemed curious and he walked around the side of the house where her bedroom window was. He had over heard Andy call Dewalds name out, in and out of breath in a strained, euphoric tone.  Not only had the bastard stole the money, but he slept with Benjamin’s beautiful girlfriend too. Some best friend Dewald turned out to be.